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Thoughtful Packaging Takes the Lead

You have 1-2 seconds to capture consumer attention. Those famous words drove branding agents to deliver kaleidoscopic whirls of colourful print. But being noticed was the first packaging challenge. We are shifting phases in the packaging world. Standing out from the crowd is now less relevant in an increasingly online driven marketplace. Being remembered is now the most powerful proposition. The question is how?

Attention to detail and understanding the interaction with product and packaging allows designers to create lasting customer experiences. Examine how you can go one step further and delight your customers. What can you do to deliver the message that you care and go the extra mile? Some ideas to look at: texture, shape, movement, material, personalisation and hidden elements.

We applied this philosophy to Citadel. We spent years observing, asking and learning how the industry moves wine, handles wine, inspects wine, bottles and unboxes wine.

Our customer moment centres upon the feel of our case. From afar, a natural kraft-coloured case does not stand out. But when it is in your hands everything changes. Our paper is significantly heavier weighted compared to normal corrugated packaging. The feel of the paper is crisp, sturdy and solid to the touch. The individual fibres decorate the paper’s surface, lending a lovely natural mottled effect. This fibrous texture and mottled brown colour, speak to the roots of wine itself. Goodbye cheap cardboard case, hello to an appropriate case for fine wine. These details translate to memorable experiences formed when handling our cases. The lasting impression is one of something natural, premium and built specifically for purpose.

We looked beyond anti-breakage packaging, with a focus on keeping the wine as the hero. We wanted to frame the bottles and present them in celebration of the passionate work of the winemaker. We looked at over 200 different prototypes, curving edges, adding or removing materials, playing with shapes, locks, bottles and reinforced panelling. Packaging evolves to meet the requirements of the market and the consumers. The result of our testing is the most complete solution in wine packaging available today.


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