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A Systemic Shift Underway in Wine

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The wine market has evolved. Wine distribution in the last decade has exploded. Never before has the quality of wine been so exceptional. Never before have there been so many impassioned wine makers across the world championing their terroir. We wine drinkers are fortunate.

The good fortune of wine drinkers has, however, presented challenges to the industry.

Styrofoam is used the world over in packaging to protect wines from the perils of transport. Tremendously harmful to the environment, hard to recycle and bulky, this is an unnecessary source of waste and pollution. Even plastic sleeves, inflated to cover bottles tend to be single use only. Bubble wrap is ripped off and rarely re-used. These are not materials which celebrate the nature of wine.

Beyond sustainability wine makers have had to contend with disastrous market conditions in 2020. Prized restaurant clients were sadly forced to close doors and sales of wine dropped through the floor. The result has been an increase in online-adaptation. By November 2020 online sales had exploded to 10% of total wine sales, up from 2% pre-covid.

The job-to-be-done for packaging has broadened. The need for a multi-purpose solution which is aligned with a brands aesthetics and philosophy and can also be depended upon for total protection with courier services is urgent. The industry is changing and Citadel is facilitating seamless adaptation.


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