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Frequently Asked Questions


Manufacturing and Regions Served


China, France, Spain, Italy, UK, USA

Regions Served

USA, Canada, Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand


How long does it take to assemble Citadel wine cases from flat?
35-45 seconds for the inner piece and 5-10 seconds for the outer, once you have had a couple of run throughs.
Do you need to be an expert to fold and assemble your products?
Not in the slightest. No origami degree required, but we do recommend reading our instructions and having them to hand for your first few attempts, as there is a specific order to the assembly and one or two critical moves to ensure a quality final product.
Do you have intructions for folding the cases?
Yes, we have assembly instructions and a video we send to all our clients. If you are an existing client and need another copy please contact us and we shall happily resend them both.


Is your packaging sustainable?
Every decision we have made on this packaging has had sustainability in mind. From the material, to the local production, the flat packing and product life cycle. We wanted to create an easy switch out of plastic.
What materials are used for your products?
Corrugated cardboard is the only material used for Citadel Cardboard packaging.
Can your product be recycled?
Corrugated card is the most recycled material on the planet. Please recycle our case when you have finished with it.
Can your product be used even after locks are broken?
Yes, we would love to see people continue to use Citadel casing to store their wine, even after the original bottles have been removed.
Do your products biodegrade?
Yes, our products biodegrade and are compostable. If shredded and put put into a garden they would be completely broken down in around three months.


How long does it take for your product to arrive after ordering?
Lead times are specific to each order size, destination, product requirements and shipping method. Please contact us to learn more.
How many of your cases fit onto a pallet?
This depends on your case size and SKU mix. Please contact us to learn more about packing and shipments.
How are your products packaged?
We deliver to clients using minimal excess material. We strap and pack our cases for on-land delivery.
How is the product shipped?
The majority of our cases are made locally to wine-growing regions, so they can be trucked on-land to our customers.


What are your accepted payment methods?
Wire transfer is our preferred method of payment to our Hong Kong HSBC Bank, details to be found on every invoice.


Where can I see prices for your products?
Prices change substantially, given print, material and delivery variables, so please contact our sales team to be given a tailor-made quotation.
Is the cost of shipping included in the quoted price?
Our quoted prices do not include shipping to your door, unless specifically stated. For an up-to-date quotation with shipping to your door, please contact our team.
Do I need to pay duty on your products?
Duty is subject to client locality and import regulations. In most cases, we produce our cases in the same country the wines are made, so no duties are payable. If we are exporting the case overseas, please contact our team to discuss more.

Design Specifications

Can you make casing to fit any bottle quantity or size?
Our product range houses from 1 to 6 bottles. We can also produce for magnum sized bottles. We have not yet tested our product for anything larger than a magnum.
Can you make me a case that is an irregular size?
Yes, we can. Please contact our team for further details.


Which colour options can you have for both the card and branding?
We are launching our product in the most sustainable option available, natural Kraft colour. We retain an open mind to print and colour, but our pricing model works best when clients stick to a Kraft base.
Which areas of the case can we have branding?
Anywhere you chose.
Are there any restrictions on logo size, placement or colour?
We want you to be control of your brand. We are here to accommodate your requests and try our best to make it work. However, please note above comments on paper colour.


Where is your product produced?
We have manufacturing partners close to key geographical wine production areas.
What is your minimum order quantity?
Our MOQ for both series is 1000 units.


Have you passed any Transport tests?
Yes, our universal cases have passed the ISTA 3A test.
How long will a case last in cellar conditions?
In professional cellar conditions cardboard cases can last decades. Our outer sleeve is designed as the first layer of protection and can be changed when worn out or old, allowing the inner case to last as long as required.
How do you perform the drop test?

Anti Fraud

How do you lock the outer case?
The outer case is closed with a traditional cardboard non-permanent lock.
Will the Inner lock break too easily?
We have tested this piece thoroughly and it is stronger than it looks. This piece will withstand standard wear and tear.
Is it obvious if someone has tried to remove a bottle without breaking the lock?
Yes, it cannot be done without clear evidence on the case. The perforations at the base of the case will rip and there will be two very obvious vertical lines that appear in the middle of the bottom panel. If someone breaks the lock and tries to re-attach it with glue it is visually obvious as well.
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