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Preventing Opportunistic Theft in the Wine Supply Chain

Opportunistic theft is rife throughout the wine supply chain. Temptation is natural, with easily recognisable bottles costing upwards of USD 100 per bottle. Moreover, it is just too easy with existing packaging, generally sealed with a piece of tape, nails or a sticker.

The deflating feeling from a customer when there is something missing translates into an erosion of trust. If it was a special bottle for a gift it can escalate to anger and embarrassment. Beyond this, there is an administrative charge to find and send a replacement, deal with the insurance and placate a customer. A drain on time, resources and customer satisfaction.

But all this can be avoided. Pharmaceutical companies protect their goods with tamper proof packaging. Why can’t wine packaging companies look to do likewise?

They can and we have.

Our Citadel Anti-Fraud case operates a simple pinch and push© analogue lock which secures the bottles at source. Once sealed, bottles can only be removed from the case by ripping the lock. A visible, immediate sign that the case has been opened. When the lock is in tact, is it a visible clear sign that this case is original and unopened.

This is a completely new approach to wine packaging, the first of its kind; A permanent closure which does not impact the branding and presentation of the bottles.

This simple fastening mechanism ensures customers trust their delivery and no unwanted hands tampered with their precious bottles. The value of a truly “original case” is not to be understated - just look at auction results. When asked to vote on whether customers would were in favour of a lock on their case, if they did not need to pay more, the result was a unanimous YES.

Peace of mind is valuable. If it comes at no added cost, then why not take advantage of that value and deliver more to your customers.


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