Designed by wine people for wine people

The result of more than two years of research and development, working with prominent winemakers, distributors and logistics operators, Citadel's patent pending wine case answers the industry’s most pressing concerns.

One Case – Two Versions

Distributor Series™

Our Distributor Cases provide all of the environmental, functional and experiential benefits in a solution optimised for efficient distribution.

Anti-Fraud Series™

The Anti-Fraud Series adds a layer of security to the Citadel Case to ensure your customer’s peace of mind regarding the provenance of their wine.


Huge Benefits in Efficiency

Wine inspection and identification, level examination, photography and label application times cut down 10X as all bottles are already in line, framed above the level of the wine capsule. Managing bottles within the case is safer and simpler.


Citadel packaging is lightweight and flat to pack with zero plastic or foam and is assembled without staples, tape or glue. Made using recycled paper it is curb-side recyclable.

Protects From Breakage

Citadel's wine case passes the ISTA-3A transport test, protecting your bottles from breakage no matter the journey, delivering customer satisfaction with bottles arriving in the best condition possible.

Intuitive Bottle Loading and Removal

Citadel’s patent pending hinged system allows for bottles to be securely loaded, suspended and removed with ease.


Upgrade Your Customer's Experience

A thoughtful unboxing experience with customisable print space for logo and brand messaging. Citadel observation window™ frames bottles beautifully with open visibility of your brand and bottles.

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Citadel Casing cases and packaging system are patent pending in the United States, the European Union and other countries.

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