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Anti-Fraud Series™

A simple pinch and push lock, secured at source, locks in brand integrityand is ripped to access bottles.


Pick from 2 different cases sizes (Standard or medium) to hold your prized bottles tightly and securely. Lock is tamper proof and rips if anyone attempts to access bottles

Impossible to remove a bottle without visible damage to the case

Provenance Guaranteed
A clean lock proves a clean history

Lock-in Value
Secure maximum value and trust with proven bottle integrity

Protects your bottles from breakage along the supply chain
Approved and tested by FedEx and similar operators

Technical Specifications

SKU Model Formats
Anti-Fraud Standard: 1 bottle, 3 bottles, 6 bottles
Anti-Fraud Medium: 1 bottle, 3 bottles, 6 bottles

Anti-Fraud Magnum (150cl): 1 bottle

Bottle Sizes Accommodated
Anti-Fraud Standard: 8.8cm wide and 30.5cm high
Anti-Fraud Medium: 9cm wide and 31.5cm high

Anti-Fraud Magnum: 11cm wide and 37cm high

Assembled Case Sizes (cm)
Anti-Fraud Standard
1 bottle: 17 x 33.5 x 13
3 bottle: 38 x 33.6 x 13
6 bottle: 69 x 33.5 x 13
Anti-Fraud Medium
1 bottle: 17 x 35 x 13.5
3 bottle: 38.5 x 35 x 13.5
6 bottle: 70.5 x 35 x 13.5
Anti-Fraud Magnum
1 bottle: 20 x 41 x 16

Assembly Time
30-40 seconds per inner piece
15-20 seconds per outer

Virgin Kraft paper

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